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By education and training, I am a real estate attorney and real estate broker with ample experience defending Realtors against a wide variety of consumer lawsuits. Dissatisfied and unfulfilled, I quit the practice of law. After a year of travel; which included both a stint as a camp counselor in rural Montana, and as a high school football coach in urban San Francisco, I returned to the “business world” in 2001. In 2002 I opened my own real estate brokerage and consulting firm (Scholarship Homes&Real Estate) with a purpose and desire to help “build community" and to engage and bolster local community partners and charities. I am proud to say that my wife and I personally re-directed more than $200,000 in real estate commissions to numerous community partners. We also made an effort to donate our time, energy and brain-power. Particular effort and dedication is directed toward the good people at the SF Child Abuse Prevention Center and the SF Stonestown YMCA “ where I served on the Board of Directors.

Although I have no formal “business plan” I do have four guiding goals: 1) Donate 10% of my income to those in need; 2) Give each client the personal and professional service and attention I might hope for from my own Realtor; 3) Go to the movies at least once a week; and 4) Don’t let my wife know I have enough free time to go to the movies in the middle of the day. I am pleased to announce that I have consistently accomplished each of my goals.

In 2012 I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the fine men and woman at Vanguard Properties, where I have found a kinship in spirit and intellect. In 2016, I accepted a position as Sales Manager at Vanguard Properties' 199 New Montgomery Street office in the heart of downtown San Francisco. In 2018 I was honored to be named Broker of Record, and simultaneously elevated to Managing Broker of Vanguard Properties' flagship office at 2501 Mission Street. I now lead a team of approximately 150 agents working and collaborating to sell our city’s finest properties.


I am a real estate litigation attorney, risk-management consultant, and practicing real estate broker. For years, I represented the real estate community in litigation matters -- defending scores of brokers/agents, as well as buyers and sellers, in purchase disputes, claims of non-disclosure, breach of fiduciary duty, and the like. My experience extends beyond jury trials and arbitrations, and includes CA DRE/BRE-accusations and ALJ-hearings. Although I left the full-time practice of law, I continue to keep apprised of the ongoing trends and updates in this relatively discrete area of practice. For the past several years my role as a legal advocate has focused on 'risk management' and 'best practices' consultation, as well as expert witness consultation and testimony.

Since 2001 my principle occupation has been that of a real estate broker/agent. In that time, I have run my own boutique firm, and have worked with SF’s most dynamic and currently most successful brokerage “ Vanguard Properties. At Vanguard I wear several hats, including ‘risk management consultant’ and ‘best-practices advocate’ for our 400 agents; de facto counsel; and Managing Broker at our flagship SF office where I lead a team of approximately 150 agents working and collaborating to sell our city’s finest properties. I am also the Broker of Record for the firm. I also have practical administrative experience in file-review, agent supervision, and other ‘mundane’ administrative and managerial tasks, giving me a clear vision of both the big-picture and the everyday practice of real estate.

For the past 10 years I have served on a number of local and statewide Realtor committees, including Standard Forms, Professional Standards (Ethics), Education, MLS , et al. I play an active role in shaping our local association, the MLS, and promoting/advancing our common goals and core values. In lockstep with my practice and dedication toward risk-management and best-practices, I take an active and pivotal role on the SFAR Standard Forms Committee (Chairman / Vice Chairman / Member), and have regularly served on the CAR Forms Advisory Committee and CAR Legal Affairs Committee. I have personally drafted, edited and revised dozens of the standard SFAR and CAR forms in use today.

In 2015 I was elected to the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Association of Realtor “ an association of four thousand local real estate agents and affiliated brokerage houses. I was likewise honored by a 2015 appointment to serve as a Director to the statewide CAR Realtor organization on behalf of the SF Bay Area Delegation.

I am intimately familiar with real estate valuation and assessment. Since my appointment by the Mayor/Board of Supervisors in 2013, I have served as a “Commissioner” on the San Francisco Assessment Appeals Board; where I evaluate, judge, and resolve issues of real property tax valuation. It is my goal to restore balance and fairness to the property assessment process.